A collaborative workshop between Ravensbourne Msc Applied Technologies students and RCA Printmaking students.

3D scanners and printers are becoming more common in art schools. Through a series of low-fi experiments, the workshop will aim to unpick the technology and to draw parallels between traditional printmaking and 3d scanning, printing and work that is made and exists in virtual space.

 Participants will develop a set of tasks to be carried out collaboratively over 2 days.

 No 3d program experience necessary, we will be using basic materials and applying an extremely hands on approach.

There will be artwork installed, demonstration of the 3d scanning and printing equipment, screenings and discussions.

Late openings will include events and workshops open to Summer Club members.

If you would like to be involved in the development of the workshop or know more about the idea, please email Flora Parrott with any queries: flora@floraparrott.com


Background information:

3D scanning and printing technology may sit more comfortably in a design department but could just as easily be claimed by printmaking as it is industrial equipment used to make copies. Although the technology is being used in industry, it is not yet widely spread, which gives us the opportunity as artists to have an influence on the way that the process and results are perceived.

After the initial, impressive technological wizardry subsides, the processes and objects themselves can be less than inspiring. They are expensive, the mechanics feel like a mystery and the programs and skills needed to work the equipment can seem alien and intimidating to those of us who feel more comfortable in a workshop.

Despite this, we feel strangely drawn to the scanners and printers and are interested in the ways in which they can be integrated into studio and workshop practice; not just as a precise mode of production but a creative process that can be subverted, manipulated and played with.


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