Slice layering

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I would like to use some sort of sheet material to layer up and create a ‘3D Print’, emulating the MCOR paper printer.

I have now found a way to slice up a 3D scans. The images of the slices below are  of one of my Ganoderma Fungus and I would like the opportunity to build the whole shape using these as guides.

I have 38 slices of this particular 3d scan. I may do one with more slices if I have the resources to print them fairly large.

I am now considering materials we might us and I am open to suggestions if you have any ideas? Also, need to think about how they might be attached to each other etc.

Whilst we have this great space I also would like to like to print off these images and trace them all one by one on to the same piece of paper in order to build up a ‘flattened 3d map’ of layers. This is something more for my own work but if people would like to help me then this would be great. I will see if I can get them printed fairly large a uni. Exciting.


3 responses to “Slice layering

  1. I have a big pack of A4 squared paper. Would you like me to bring this?

  2. This sounds fantastic, I have lining paper too

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