Kyle K – Materials

I have no fixed plans yet but I know that I will need to following materials. I can get my hands on all of these. Let me know if you need any of the following and I will bring more.


Glue guns (2) and glue sticks.

Plastic bags (sandwich bags)

Water (at V22?)

35mm Slide projector



6 responses to “Kyle K – Materials

  1. Great, I would like some clay if you can get it?
    Can you bring the syringes again too?
    I’ll start compiling a materials list.

  2. No problem. How much will you need?
    I will also bring the syringes.

  3. Fab – not sure really – 10- 20kg bag? Is that a standard bag?

  4. I think they come on 10kg bags I will see how much I can carry as I have lots of other things to bring as well.

  5. jonathanmunro206

    Great Kyle. just checking the size of the glue guns? I was going to bring some glue sticks for an idea i had, just want to make sure i bring the right ones. Thanks.

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